Lee, Jongmok
Korean ▶

1957 Born in Cheongwon, Chungbuk, Korea
1983 B.F.A College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University
1987 M.F.A Graduate School of Fine Arts, Seoul National University
Present Professor, College of Arts, Ewha Womans University

Solo Exhibition
2010 Holy Paradox (Hanbyokwon gallery, Seoul)
2008 Thousand Moons (ACU National Gallery, Sydney)
  Thousand Moons (Gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul)
2003 Inner Dialogue (Galerie Hellof, Frankfurt, Germany)
2002 Inner Sight (Gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul)
2001 Entrance of Mountain (Musim Gallery, Cheongju)
2000 Whangsaeyowool (HANA Gallery, Frankfrut, Germany)
Whangsaeyowool (Dongduk Artgallery, Seoul)
1998 Just Like Water (Sabina Gallery, Seoul)
1997 Just Like Water (Garam Gallery, Seoul)
1996 Another Nature-Winter Mountain (Maki-Tamura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan)
Another Nature-Winter Mountain (Duckwon Gallery, Seoul)
1994 Another Nature-Winter Mountain (Hackchon Gallery, Cheongju)
1993 Another Nature-Winter Mountain (THO-Art Space, Seoul)
1992 Songsan Gallery (Cheongju)
1991 Keumho Gallery (Seoul)
Musim Gallery (Cheongju)
1989 THO Gallery (Seoul)
Group & Invitation Exhibition
2012 Harmoria (Moran Museum, Namyaonju)
2012SCAF (The arts center-Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul)
5th Exhibition to depict the spirit of Ahn, Gyeon painting (Sejong center, Seoul)
KIAF2012 (coex, Seoul)
Gwangju Art Fair (kdjcenter, Gwangju)
The Korean Arts Communication-Arts college exchange exhibition (Gongpyeong Art center, Seoul)
Gyeongju Art Fair (Gyeongju arts center, Gyeongju)
The calligraphic Art_2012 Exhibition of Boehringer collection in Korea (Mulpa space, Seoul)
Small painting exhibition (IS gallery, Seoul)
返伴 Alone together (Lee&Bae gallery, Busan)
Today's Gyeomjae Jeongseon revive project exhibition (Gyeomjae Jeongseon Memorial Museum, Seoul)
和而不同_What is Koreaness? (White block gallery, Paju)
2011 Korean painting collection (Korea art center, Seoul)
Small painting exhibition-Small is beautiful (IS gallery, Seoul)
Relief fund exhibition_Japan earthquake (Woolim gallery, Seoul)
2011Changwon Asian Art Festival (Sungsan Art-Hall, Changwon)
Art 2000 exhibition (Dongduk art gallery, Seoul)
2010 Ask to the road of Korean Ink (Sori arts center of Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju)
2010 The Financial news art exjibition - 100 modern artists invitation exhibit (Sejong center, Seoul)
Ewha womans university the 124th anniversary of the exhibition - culture leader
EWHA (Ewha womans university museum, Seoul)
Exhibition of Drawing for the dream (Uijeongbu art center, Uijeongbu)
Ewha art fair 2010 (Shinsegae culture hall, Seoul)
Sound of spring (Youngart gallery, Seoul)
2009 Small painting festival of Korean art - Small things art beautiful (Is gallery, Seoul)
Professor's Work (Ewha Art Center, Seoul)
Painting2000 Macromicro (Gong gallery, Seoul)
Ewha womans university art and design & Germany Frauen Museum international exhibition (Ewha art center, Seoul)
Fragrance of Spring (Youngart gallery, Seoul)
The history of memories of Korean modern art - 7080 ode to youth (Chosun museum of art, Seoul)
2008 'Chwi-Wha-Sun artists' we met again (Dosi gallery, Busan)
Harmony between Nature and Mystery - 'Oulim' (Shin museum of art, Cheonju)
Everyone misses a warm South town (Chunguan museum, Jangheng)
Professor's Work (Ewha Art Center, Seoul)
2007 Exhibition of Korea Modern Art (Galerie Bab El Kebir, Morocco)
  Exhibition of Korea Modern Art (Qatar National Theater, Doha)
  ‘Small & Less’The Freedom of Being Loose -Painting2000
(Lee C gallery, Seoul)
  Exhibition of Korean Art 1953-2007 (Seoul Museum of Art)
  Contemporary South korea Art (hacienda, Munbai India)
2006 Maze: International Contemporary Art (Chondoho gallery, Zhejiang, China)
  China-Korea Today's painting in India ink (Gwangsanwal Museum, Shenzhen, China)
2005 The 2nd Korea-Chinese Sumukwa Exchange Show ;Reality and Ideal (UIJAE Museum, Gwangju)
  WAVE (Ewha Art Center, Seoul)
  China-Korea Today's painting in India ink (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)
  Korea Russia Art Fair (Sejong Center, Seoul)
  Echo Beyond Time : the Tradition and the Modern (Ewha Woman's University Museum, Seoul)
  Korean Painting Grand Fair (Incheon Arts Center, Incheon)
  The Seoul Art Exibition (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)
  Paintion 2000 (Gongpyung Art Center, Seoul)
  Revelation of Korean imagery (Gallery Korea of the Korean cultural service, New York)
  The 15th Anniversary of Kumho Museum (Kumho Museum, Seoul)
2004 New Acquisitions (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)
  New Acquisitions 2004 (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon)
  Korean Painting -2004 (Arts Center, Seoul)
  A Field Without Mediation-Object.Drawing.Exprience (Busan Museum of Art, Busan)
  Korea International Art Fair (KOEX Indian ocean Hall, Seoul)

The Re-opening of Ewha Art Center; the Professors' Works (Ewha Art Center, Seoul)


The Special Exhibition of Korea Youth Biennalle committee members (Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Daegu)

  Dada 5-2 (UIJAE Museum, Gwangju)
  Beijing International Art Fair -LeeJongmok Invitation Show (Beijing International Trade Center, Beijing)
  Door to Door (Ulsan Art Center, Ulsan)
  Contemporary Korean Painting Exhibition (Junwon Art Museum, Incheon)
  The Spirit of Korea (Gallery Ipark, Seoul)
2003 Contemporary Art from Korea (CBL gallery, Dublin Ireland)
  Chwi-Wha-Sun (Keumho gallery, Seoul)
  Paradiso of Oriental Painting (POSCO Museum, Seoul)
  Kyungki Art Fair (Kyungki Arts Center, Suwon)
  Opening Ceremonial Exhibition of GAIL Museum (GAIL Museum, Namyangju)
  Opening Ceremonial Exhibition of LMC gallery (LMC gallery, Ilsan)

Korea Contemporary FineArt Exhibition-The Breath of Nature (Academy of Art Exibition Hall, Peterburg, Russia)

  New Millennium of Oriental Painting (Gongpyung Art Center, Seoul)
  Painting 2000- Daily Lives of 10 (Dongsanbang gallery, Seoul)
  The Seoul Art Exibition (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)
  The Prospect of 20th Century Korea Art (Sun gallery, Seoul)
2002 KCAF (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)
  6 Plus 6 (Musim Gallery, Cheongju)
  CASO (Contemporary Art Space Osaka, Osaka)
  Contemporary Korean Art’s Tour to Four Countries (Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Mexico)
  The New Millennium of Korean Painting (Gongpyung Art Center, Seoul)
  The 10th Anniversary of Gongpyung Art (Gongpyung Art Center, Seoul)
2001 Painting 2000 (Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul)
  Salon Grande et Jeune (Ecole de Beaux-Arts, Paris)
  The Opening Exhibition of Gallery Chang (Gallery Chang, Seoul)
  Contemporary Artists of the 21st Century (Gallery LIZ, Namyang)
  The Opening Exhibition of Gallery Jayouro (Gallery Jayouro, Ilsan)
  The Opening Exhibition of Gallery Lamer (Gallery Lamer, Seoul)
  The Scent of Ink, The Figurativeness of Ink (The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon)
2000 Painting 2000 (Gongpyung Arts Center, Seoul)
  The 50th Anniversary Exhibition of Seoul National University (Seoul Art Museum, Seoul)
  Exhibition of "3 Artists" (Musim Gallery, Cheongju)

Exchanging Exhibition of Korea-Chinese (Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul)

  The Opening Exhibition of PACAA (Musim Gallery, Cheongju)
1999 Real Spirits Landscape of Bukhan Mountain (Gongpyung Arts Center, Seoul))
  '99 EWHA-ACTION-VISION (Art Center, Seoul)
  Exhibition of "Oh, Korea!" (Gallery Sang, Seoul)
  Exhibition of "Dong-Gang Byul Gok" (Gana Art Center, Seoul)
  Recovering of Painting-Heroes of 20th Century (Seongkok Art Museum, Seoul)
1998 Exchange of Korea-Japanese Modern Painting (Funabashi Citizen Museum, Japan)
  A Stroke-Undaunted and Unreserved Exhibition (Gongpyung Arts Center, Seoul)
  Landscape of Water (Gallery Savina, Seoul)
  On the Border Line (Funabashi Citizen Museum, Japan)
1997 After 20 Years (Euro Gallery, Seoul)
  Korea-Japan Modern Arts Joint 2 Exhibition (Gallery Mutzu, Japan)
  The Brush Stroke - The Freely Expression (Gongpyung Arts Center, Seoul)
  Watery Scene (Gallery Sang, Seoul)

On The Border (Hunabashi Citizen Gallery, Japan)

1996 The Venis & Unfolding Development of Today's Korean Painting (Duckwon Gallery, Seoul)
  '96 The Spot of Korea Painting Exhibition (Arts Center, Seoul)
  Image of Korea Exhibition (Astea Center, Auckland Newzealand)
  ASPECT (Art Center, Cheongju)
1995 ASPECT-Expressivity, Sensibility (Musim Gallery, Cheongju)
  Mook-Jo (Arario Gallery, Cheonju)
  50th Commemorative Exhibition of Ewha Womans Univ.(Ewha Womans Univ. Museum, Seoul)
  Choongbuk Young Artists Festival-Commemoration of "The Year of Art" (National Cheongju Museum, Cheongju)
  Representation of Korea Intelligence (Gongpyung Arts Center, Seoul)
  Exchange of Korea-Japanese Modern Painting '95 Premonition of Future (Arts Center, Cheongju)
1994 New Generation Stream of Korean Modern Painting (Arts Center, Seoul)
  Heroes of 20th Century's Korean Painting (Woonhyongoong Gallery, Seoul)
  An Abstruse World of Korean Painting (Gongpyung Arts Center, Seoul)
  ASPECT (Modern Art Museum, Maseuk)
  Art Family Workshop (Gallery Art Beam, Seoul)

대화하는 풍토전 (Hunabashi Citizen Gallery, Japan)

1993 Exchanging Exhibition of Korean-Chinese (Arts Center, Seoul)
  Exhibition of Today (Dada Gallery, Busan/Musim Gallery, Cheongju)
  Exhibition of Small Works (Songsan Gallery, Cheongju)

On The Shore (Chiba Museum, Japan)

  Exhibition of Discovery New Asia (Gallery Chang, Cheongju)
  Opening Ceremonial Exhibition of Sooin Gallery (Sooin Gallery, Cheongju)
1992 New Generation 10 Artists' Exhibition of Cheongju Today (KwanHoon Art Gallery, Seoul/Musim Gallery, Cheongju)
  Today Exhibition of Korean Art (Dongho Gallery, Seoul)
  Spring Recent Works by 7 Artists (Cheonghakdae Art Museum, Anseoung)
  Interchanging Exhibition of Korean-Japanese Modern Art (National Cheongju Museum, Cheongju)
1991 Korean Painting Exhibition of the Present Generation (Arario Arts Museum, CheonAn)
  New Generation Artists-Interchanging Exhibition of Korean·Japanese Modern Painting (Funabashi Citizen Museum, Japan)
  Korean-Japanese New Generation Artsits Exhibition (Seiboo Arts Museum, Tokyo)
1990 Grouping Exhibition of Young Artists (The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon)
  Opening Ceremonial Exhibition of Arts Center (Arts Center, Seoul)
  Ceremonial Exhibition of 7th Anniversary of the 3th Gallery (The 3rd Gallery, Seoul)
  Opening Ceremonial Exhibition of Chang (Gallery Chang, Cheongju)
  Exhibition of THO-Art Space (THO-Art Space, Seoul)
  Korean Modern Arts-Presntimental Exhibition of the 21 Century (Total Museum, Seoul)
  Opening Ceremonial Exhibition of Sonamu Gallery (Sonamu Gallery, Seoul)
  Invited Exhibition of 7 Artists' Korean Painting (Gallery Choi, Seoul)
  Exhibition of Eastern Light (Kiev Arts Museum, USSR)
  Arts Festival of Southern (Dongin Gallery, Cheju)
  Korean·Chinese·Japanese Young Artists' Exhibition (Kyongin Gallery, Seoul)
1989 Opening Ceremonial Exhibition of Keumho Gallery (Keumho Gallery, Seoul)
1989 Korean Painting Conversional Exhibition of Consciousness (Seoul Gallery, Seoul)
  Korean Painting Exhibition of Today & Tomorrow (Walkerhill Art Museum, Seoul)
  Exhibition of Eastern Lights (Budafest Gallery, Hungary/Berlin Citizen Museum, Germany)
  Professor's Exhibition of DanKook Univ. (DanKook Univ., Cheonan)
  Young Artist Festival in Cheonbuk (Citizen Hall Gallery, Cheonju)
  Joint Exhibition of MokJo-IlYeon (Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul)
1988 Exhibition by Professor's Kyowon Univ. (Kyowon Univ., Cheongju)
  Exhibition of Korea Modern Painting (HoAm Art Hall, Seoul)
  New Flowing Exhibition of Korean Painting (Walkerhill Art Museum, Seoul/Schuttgart Museum, Germany)
  Korean Painting Conversional Exhibition of Consciousness (Seoul Gallery, Seoul)
1987 Exhibition of Animated Generation (Ye Gallery, Soeul)
  Sectional Exhibition of Modern Korean Painting (Cheonbuk Citizen Hall Gallery, Cheonju)
  79 Artists Exhibition of Seoul (KwanHoon Art Gallery, Seoul)
1985 The 3rd Modern Art Festival (Cheonbuk Citizen Hall Gallery, Cheonju)
  Exhibition of 5 Artists Korean Painting (Cheongtop Gallery, Cheongju)
1984 The 3rd Modern Art Festival (Cheonbuk Citizen Hall Gallery, Cheonju)
  Korean Young Artists' Exhibition (Dongin Gallery, Seoul)
1983 Korean Young Artists' Exhibition (Young Artists's Center, Seoul)
  Human Being & Nature (The 3rd Gallery, Seoul)
1988 Exhibition of ASPECT
1984 Exhibition of Mook-Jo